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POPSHOWROOM Announces Fashion Clothing Manufacturer for Worldwide Market


POPSHOWROOM is a reliable fashion clothing manufacturer from China. The company introduces one-stop clothing suppliers from design to production of men’s and women’s clothing.

The top country for the clothing industry

When it comes to the most prominent fashion and clothing industry, China is the top country for the B2B fashion and clothing market in the world. Over the last two decades, the country has emerged to be the biggest clothing supplier of worldwide clothing and fashion demand. Clothing is included in the top ten of China’s export industry, and it is worth $62.3 billion in 2020. The country’s fashion clothing manufacturer exported various kinds of clothing and apparel for men and women to the Asian, American, and European markets.

B2B fashion and clothing manufacturer from China

Fashion is one of the primary necessities in life. It represents its wearer identity and personality. For some societies, fashion also tells the world about the history and where they came from. Fashion in the modern era represents its wearer status and taste. They will look stylish and fashionable with suitable clothing they wear on particular occasions. Worldwide fashion businesses are growing rapidly in 2021. Shoppers can find online clothing shops everywhere on the internet, and they offer various attractive clothing models and colors. Their fashion products come from various suppliers. One of them is from a custom design clothing supplier like POPSHOWROOM based in China. The company offers comprehensive solutions from start to finish of fashion products for worldwide start-ups and established fashion brands.

Clothing manufacturer with comprehensive services

POPSHOWROOM is an experienced small order clothing manufacturer. They have been ten years in the fashion industry and offer a wide range of services. POPSHOWROOM services include small quantity apparel production, starting from 2 – 30 Minimum Order Quantity to large order (30 pcs and above). They can create customized fashion products like men’s and women’s apparel (T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, pants, casual suits, coats, knits, and more). Additionally, they also manufacture personalized labels & hashtags, provide some special technology for fashion production like embroidery, beading, and many more.

The wholesale customized fashion clothing manufacturer

The online fashion industry is growing rapidly, as the fashion trends are also updating time to time. The fashion market is currently dominated by millennial showing up their fashion styles on their social media. POPSHOWROOM, as a leading fashion industry manufacturer, strives to be the best fashion clothing manufacturer for start-ups and fashion brands by providing quality stylish clothing & apparel for men and women with low minimum order quantity. They also receive flexible payment and fast worldwide shipping. For more information, please visit


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