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Suppose you are looking for an activewear clothing manufacturer. In this case, you will first need to decide if you prefer to work only with suppliers in your country or if you are willing to look for suppliers from countries like China or in another country.

Like everything in life, the two options above have their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is up to you to choose. Don’t forget to consider some necessary factors, such as your budget quantity, the quality of the cloth you want to sell and, above all, your professional ethics.

In this article, we will discuss tips for finding the best activewear manufacturing in 2021. To help you and your store during this process, let’s discuss a little more about the pros and cons of national and international clothing manufacturers.

Clothing suppliers: national brands

If you choose to work with national suppliers, you will be able to monitor the process closely and ensure high-quality parts – which means more transparency and, on the other hand, a higher production cost.

Another positive point of national suppliers is the delivery times and shipping rates. As we work within the same territory, delivery times and values ​​are considerably shorter (and cheaper) than those promised by international suppliers. Excellent news for anxious customers, isn’t it?

Clothing suppliers: international brands

The big problem for international suppliers is in work ethics and, especially, in the quality of manufactured products. Unfortunately, many countries still practice unregulated work regimes – especially Asian countries, home to the most popular suppliers within the clothing manufacturing niche.

It is compulsory to note that the delivery times offered by international suppliers are much higher than those provided by national manufacturers; the same goes for freight and other delivery charges.

Tips and resources to find activewear clothes manufacturers

Now that we have discussed national and international manufacturers’ main pros and cons, we also need to point out essential resources and valuable tips for your brand.

Congresses and events

Events and another congress in the textile industry can be precious and rare experiences to establish possible partnerships and know new brands with a super and excellent clothing manufacturer. Stay tuned to the calendar for your city or state.

Search Directories

Search directories can be unexpected allies for entrepreneurs who are looking for new activewear clothing manufacturers. Take a look at the AliExpress and Alibaba directories or, if you want even more exclusive results, Kompass, which allows direct communication with the supplier.

Internet search engines

As you already know, it costs nothing to remember: websites and search engines like Google are also great for looking for good activewear clothing manufacturers.

Find that sites which are with outdated and outdated information. For this purpose, remember to take a deep breath and continue searching the required results pages.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is full of those people who are still willing to help others. Therefore, do not be afraid to look for groups and pages of entrepreneurs who work in the same niche as you.

Before actively participating in a discussion, however, don’t forget to read the guidelines and rules established by the other participants.

The good old independent research

If you prefer to talk to more experienced entrepreneurs and manufacturers, even better – after all, the fashion and clothing niche can be quite complicated. The import of clothes made in China, for example, is only carried out if the garments are by Brazilian textile regulations; clothing sizes and measurements change from country to country or region to region, and it can be an absolute nightmare to set the correct pattern for your store; product packaging ideally needs to be delivered with the store’s brand and not the original manufacturer’s seal. And so on.

The list of possible problems is long; therefore, do not be afraid to get in touch with those who already know how to resolve these issues.

The search for activewear clothing suppliers

After reading our tips and weighing the pros and cons of clothing suppliers, chances are you already have a shortlist with some possible business partners. The next step, therefore, is to refine the list and narrow down the options.

To do this, such as:

  1. Price of manufacturing;
  2. Delivery time table;
  3. Product quality;
  4. Experience of suppliers;

Usually, the chosen supplier should be able to provide high-level quality products at a price that is within your store’s budget.

The manufacturers’ supplier also needs to offer good delivery times (which may vary depending on the country or location of the factory).

If you want to avoid strenuous and sleepless nights and problems with customers, it is necessary to choose a supplier with experience that fulfil their needs what was requested.

In the previous section, we listed some channels that can help you search for clothing manufacturers; however, these channels are also excellent options for checking the reputation and competence of manufacturers. For this very reason, do your homework: ask what you need to know and go for answers. Your work, after all, is essential for the success of the store.

Of course, you should also visit the supplier’s factory in this ideal world and deeply check the creative items process. This is not always possible, and you must try to contact the plant manager and request him for a visit. This is worth remembering, after all, that will extend the partnership will be grown: for this very reason, the communication channel must always be open.

Clothes wholesalers

Clothing manufacturers working on the wholesale model can also be excellent options for entrepreneurs looking to open a clothing store. 

If you do not have physical space for the stock, then the best option is to forget the cashier and evaluate other options, such as drop shipping. Unlike wholesale, drop shipping eliminates the need for physical inventory: the production and shipping of the product are up to the supplier, and the entire purchase process is virtual.

Suppose you are worry and wants to find activewear manufacturers in 2021. Then go on our brand POPSHOWROOM and buy your favourite and latest activewear manufacturer. It will help if you read the following articles to increase your knowledge in this field. This will help you in buying the required cloth.  

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Shall we sell clothes?

Now you know everything you need to know tips for finding the best activewear manufacturing in 2021. You already know how to evaluate the pros and cons; you already have a good list of resources and tools, and you also already know the main difference between wholesale and drop shipping.

Steps like choosing the clothing manufacturer and the business model are essential for your store; for this reason, they are decisions that must take a lot of calm and determination. Remember: it is better to waste time now than stop all your operations upfront to solve a much more severe problem.

If you have any questions about the wholesale model, drop shipping, or any other topic related to active-wear clothes, send a smoke signal over there by the comments. Our teams are here to help you and your store also!