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Want to Get More Benefits Than Aliexpress & Alibaba? Try These Alternative Clothing Wholesalers & Manufacturers From China!

Alibaba was launched in China in 1999 and people rushed for it. With time, aliexpress also came into being and the quality of products remained excellent throughout their selling and wholesaling journey. However, as a buyer, you may not like the expensiveness of the products. So if you want to try other wholesaling suppliers and get more benefits than Alibaba and Aliexpress, try these alternative clothing wholesalers and manufacturers to buy from China.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep.

Are there any alternative Alibaba clothing Wholesalers?

Some people rely too much on Alibaba and Aliexpress that it is hard for them to imagine that alternative Alibaba clothing Wholesalers actually exist and you can easily approach them irrespective of your location.

In cases, Alibaba and Aliexpress are not your preferred sites, you can go for them and buy wholesale clothing Products in any niche.

Best Alibaba Alternative Clothing Wholesalers For Cheap Products

It is no secret that Chinese wholesalers are the best ones that have everything you need. Here are some Alibaba Alternative Clothing Wholesalers.


If you do not know about this Wholesaler of China, you are missing the biggest leading competitor of Alibaba and Aliexpress. Here you can find unlimited clothing products in almost all the men, women, and kid niches.

The best part?

It supports multiple selling strategies including dropshipping, brick-and-mortar purchase, and much more.


It is one of the Chinese old-and-gold platforms where buyers and sellers come together, agree on the rates, and do mutual business. Though Alibaba dominated it initially it also continued to compete by producing and providing high-quality products at affordable rates.

Buying in bulk becomes the cheapest experience when you choose DHGate. The interesting part about this amazing platform is that it ships globally and provides payment protection to buyers from all over the world.

DHGate now also has an app that you can use to avail the discount offers and make the orders in bulk.

PopShowroom Clothing Manufacturers 

When it comes to the clothing business for startups, PopShowroom can be a perfect choice. It is the regular online marketplace where you can buy products starting from small orders. It is a Global website for online manufacturing and wholesaling business, so you can not only get refunds but also get the ultimate buyer protection and free shipping.


Based in Hong Kong, this wholesaling and manufacturing company is doing the biggest deals and you can also take your share. It is supplying its products throughout China and is supporting Chinese buyers and wholesalers.

Along with clothing, here you can buy other matching products like watches, electronics, footwear, wearable technology products, and much more.

Though people have not reported it to be good for dropshipping purposes, it can truly help you as a wholesaler and manufacturer for clothing products.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting the right deals by choosing alternatives of Alibaba and Aliexpress and going for other clothing wholesalers to buy from China.

So how do you want to proceed with these alternative Alibaba clothing Wholesalers?

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