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Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers In USA

Although China has dominated a lot of clothing-manufacturing markets, American clothing manufacturers are still preferred due to high quality, efficient communication, easy marketing, and no shipping hassle. If you are also looking for small quantity clothing manufacturers or Fashion clothing manufacturers in America, this article is perfect for you.

If you have come here to look for a clothing manufacturer in the USA, you must have launched your brand or eCommerce store to sell clothes and apparel by now. You must be confused about which manufacturer is trusted, which is not and looking for the best option to order your clothing items. It happens initially, and we are aware of it. But don’t worry! We will connect you to the trusted manufacturers in America, meeting all your clothing demands.

Keep reading the articles, and we will tell you the ten best Clothing manufacturers in America for ready-made or custom-designed products. So, whether you are looking for a small quantity clothing manufacturer for small order quantities, or fashion clothing manufacturer for a fashion brand, or any type of OEM/ODM manufacturers, you should read this article to the end to find the best supplier for your store!

Let us see the best manufacturers in America now!

POPSHOWROOM – Small Order Clothing Manufacturer (RECOMMENDED)

 Popshowroom stands first on our list because of its quality, design solutions, and ten years of market trust. It has a minimum order limit of 30 pieces that is suitable for any small and large brand worldwide. They have separate design monitoring panels that check the celebrities’ design trends from social media mainstream like Facebook and Instagram and produce up-to-date designs to fulfill the customer’s demands.

You know the best part that Popshowroom also provides custom design and stitching to help you convert your dream design into reality. It provides all types of clothing items ranging from women tee-shirts to pants, skirts, shorts, leggings, blazers, blouses, jumpsuits, undergarments, and other accessories required for any store. It also provides all the men’s clothing items such as jeans, hoodies, two-piece, denim jackets, knits & sweatshirts, polo shirts, etc. In short, it is a one-stop manufacturer for all of your clothing demands.

Popshowroom doesn’t compromise quality under any circumstances and oversees the product at each phase—designing, manufacturing, and shipping.


Lashowroom is another outstanding clothing manufacturer in America located in the heart of Los Angeles fashion districts. It is a premium wholesale fashion-clothing marketplace that brings designers, apparel manufacturers, and distributors close to each other worldwide. It offers a pre-screened wholesale collection of boutiques and other clothing accessories through virtual showrooms worldwide. Further, LA showroom buyers have special access to reward programs and product images for promotional or website use. 

Orange Shine

Orange shine is an eCommerce wholesale manufacturing company that provides men, women, and kids fashion clothing along with shoes, handbags, makeup accessories, and other clothing products. It is a B2B online fashion wholesale marketplace where retailers can find brands, manufacturers, and importers at low prices for their fashion boutiques and stores. Further, it provides up-to-date and trendy products to retailers worldwide. Additionally, their exceptional customer service has built brand trust globally.

Fashion District

Fashion District is a nexus of apparel, florals, décor, and textile globally and is truly an inspirational place for fashion brands and eCommerce clothing stores. It is the best and affordable cloth manufacturer for wholesale and customers and ships its products worldwide. So, whether you want the latest trending garments or stock boutiques, Fashion District is an excellent choice for you!

Wholesale Fashion Review

Wholesale Fashion Review is one of the largest manufacturers that collects many clothing brands in Los Angeles at one website to sell the clothing items to retailers and eCommerce stores globally. If you want a wide range of designs at one shop, you should visit Wholesale Fashion Review for the best results.

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing is an ultimate shopping destination for fashion brands. They bring high-quality, fashionable apparel and also provide beauty products, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and much more. They started from a retail store in Los Angeles in 2009 and now sell clothing items worldwide because of people’s choice and trust.


Shoptiaue is another fantastic American manufacturer offering wholesale boutiques collection to retailers globally. It also provides B2B services to different wholesalers worldwide. They discover unique boutique designs from cities famous for fashion and trendy products such as New York, London, Paris, Sydney, and more. The best part is that they provide free shipping and return over $100. 


Fashiontiy is a one-man show for all your needs and sources cheap clothing, Bags, shoes, jewelry, home & garden products, wedding & party wears, beauty items, and other accessories. They are 70% cheaper than other brands and don’t have any minimum order quantity (MOQ), making them a perfect option for retailers, brands, and regular customers. Here, you can get the lowest factory price product because of stable cooperation with the factories. Therefore, you can save up to 40% of the purchase cost and increase the profit margin.

Tasha Apparel

Tash Apparel is the trendy wholesale clothing distributor in Los Angeles, California. They provide the latest looks that customers love to buy. All kinds of retailers, including boutiques, online clothing stores, Poshmark, eBay, dropship buyers, and Amazon Sellers at 60-80% lower than the regular wholesale price. Their high-quality products, economical prices, and range of fashions make it the best wholesale clothing manufacturer in the current market. It also provides free shipping over $300 orders and offers images to market the product at its stores.


It is one of the rising wholesalers in the USA, providing dress for everyday use and elegant occasions. They are specialized in women’s tops, outwear, and sweaters, mainly for young people. If you want the most trending products for females in the market, you should go for this option without hesitation. 

Bottom Line:

American clothing wholesalers are famous worldwide due to high-quality fabric, modern designs, and easy combination. However, you can find many complications related to shipping, custom designs, and small order quantities when you deal with these suppliers. But don’t worry! We have listed the ten best clothing manufacturers in the USA with quality services and customer trust that you can see above in the article.

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Celebrity Fashion Trends 2021

Fashion trends update almost every season, and the launch of a collection is critically essential for every brand and designer. The fashion clothing manufacturer makes a unique collection depicting the colors of nature, surroundings, and environment. Internet celebrity has also begun to establish their fashion clothing manufacturing industry. 

POPSHOWROOM is a Dubai-based brand that manufactures various fashion clothing manufacturers through the category B2B Clothing Manufacturers. The brand POPSHOWROOM has experience of ten years in the fashion industry and has been providing services to global clothing brands and manufacturing bases. 

Choosing A Fashion Clothing Manufacturer

Creating something unique, exquisite, and fashionable is not easy. It requires creative skills, imaginary skills, art skills, and designing skills. A fashion professional has all these skills and knows what the public demands and what is likely to become a huge success in the market. 

If a brand has an experienced, skilled, and hard-working, creative head for the designing department, then the success rate of that brand is likely to make remarkable progress in the future. 

POPSHOWROOM provides you with the best fashion icons with unmatchable fashion skills to be your fashion partner as a fashion clothing manufacturer in your brand.

The brand POPSHOWROOM makes sure you get the desired labor to build your clothing brand a successful business. POPSHOWROOM provides fashion clothing manufacturers and skilled people that provide services to fulfill your initial design requirements. You can get workers to work from sample to mass production and also to provide delivery services in various clothing brands all over the world.

Why Choose Fashion Clothing Manufacturers From POPSHOWROOM?

Apart from the overall skilled individuals you can get from the POPSHOWROOM brand; there are other reasons why you should consider partnering with the fastest fashion supply chain.

POPSHOWROOM provides you with designers or a team of fashion clothing manufacturers that knows of the latest trends of 2021, and also about international trends as well as internet celebrity fashion hype. Furthermore, POPSHOWROOM provides services for fulfilling clothing requirements of all small-scale, large-scale, start-ups, and international brands. 

You can place an order of 5 clothing pieces or thousands of stylish clothing products. Clothing manufacturers can contact POPSHOWROOM to sell their unique collections across the globe as the brand has more than twelve buyers across the world. Similarly, if an internet celebrity desires to make clothing products in association with the fashion clothing manufacturers from POPSHOWROOM, that is also possible.

Internet Celebrity Fashion Trends

During the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus from the quarter end of 2019 and continuing into 2021, many people have become social media celebrities, bloggers, and social marketing service providers. 

Doing online business is a new trend as awareness about e-commerce is made across the globe. Internet celebrity has also begun to do business in the clothing field, cosmetics, skincare, and much more. 

Kylie Jenner also has a brand for sale of her clothing products, accessories, and much more. The fashion clothing manufacturer demonstrates their imaginary designs onto clothing products through their creative skills and launches them into the clothing market. The designs of the brand products of KylieJenner enable fans to enjoy wearing their favorite celeb brand products. 

An internet celebrity, by partnering with POPSHOWROOM, can begin a clothing brand as POPSHOWROOM is reliable and fulfills the requirements of clothing, manufacturing designs, and delivery.

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POPSHOWROOM Announces Fashion Clothing Manufacturer for Worldwide Market


POPSHOWROOM is a reliable fashion clothing manufacturer from China. The company introduces one-stop clothing suppliers from design to production of men’s and women’s clothing.

The top country for the clothing industry

When it comes to the most prominent fashion and clothing industry, China is the top country for the B2B fashion and clothing market in the world. Over the last two decades, the country has emerged to be the biggest clothing supplier of worldwide clothing and fashion demand. Clothing is included in the top ten of China’s export industry, and it is worth $62.3 billion in 2020. The country’s fashion clothing manufacturer exported various kinds of clothing and apparel for men and women to the Asian, American, and European markets.

B2B fashion and clothing manufacturer from China

Fashion is one of the primary necessities in life. It represents its wearer identity and personality. For some societies, fashion also tells the world about the history and where they came from. Fashion in the modern era represents its wearer status and taste. They will look stylish and fashionable with suitable clothing they wear on particular occasions. Worldwide fashion businesses are growing rapidly in 2021. Shoppers can find online clothing shops everywhere on the internet, and they offer various attractive clothing models and colors. Their fashion products come from various suppliers. One of them is from a custom design clothing supplier like POPSHOWROOM based in China. The company offers comprehensive solutions from start to finish of fashion products for worldwide start-ups and established fashion brands.

Clothing manufacturer with comprehensive services

POPSHOWROOM is an experienced small order clothing manufacturer. They have been ten years in the fashion industry and offer a wide range of services. POPSHOWROOM services include small quantity apparel production, starting from 2 – 30 Minimum Order Quantity to large order (30 pcs and above). They can create customized fashion products like men’s and women’s apparel (T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, pants, casual suits, coats, knits, and more). Additionally, they also manufacture personalized labels & hashtags, provide some special technology for fashion production like embroidery, beading, and many more.

The wholesale customized fashion clothing manufacturer

The online fashion industry is growing rapidly, as the fashion trends are also updating time to time. The fashion market is currently dominated by millennial showing up their fashion styles on their social media. POPSHOWROOM, as a leading fashion industry manufacturer, strives to be the best fashion clothing manufacturer for start-ups and fashion brands by providing quality stylish clothing & apparel for men and women with low minimum order quantity. They also receive flexible payment and fast worldwide shipping. For more information, please visit