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Best 10 Custom Design Clothing Vendors in US & China In 2021

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Have you been searching for custom design clothing vendors in the USA and China? Then you have landed at the right place. Wholesale marketplaces in the USA and China are getting popular day by day and now people prefer the clothing vendors from these countries the most.

Today here in this article, we are going to discuss the best 10 custom clothing vendors in the USA and China in 2021. Let’s get started.

1.   Goodclothingcomapny

It is the US apparel manufacturing industry that designs eco-friendly and ethical custom design products. It not only offers developmental and consultation services but you can also get small-batch and large-scale manufacturing services from these custom design clothing vendors.

2.   Popshowroom

PopshowRoom is the men and women clothing manufacturing and wholesaling platform that allows you to get the small orders done instantly.

The word POP is the abbreviation of “Place of Power” and this name reveals the multicultural and various aspects of this manufacturer.

3.   FashionGo

When it comes to the US-based B2B fashion marketplace, the role of FashionGo comes into the picture. It is the best platform where the potential buyers can find the retailers and vice versa. This platform has been emerging very rapidly and is one of the major sources that connects buyers and retailers.

4.   Philip’s Men’s Clothing

It is the men and women custom clothing manufacturer in Georgia where you can find and order a lot of diversified and athletic custom dresses that will hit you right off the bat. Here you can also find women’s outerwear, scarves, hats, and accessories.

5.   Terra Clothing

If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in Houston, Terra clothing should be your first choice. Whether you want to buy custom joggers and leggings or are in search of jackets and vests, look no further.

The best part?

It offers free shipping services no matter where you are located in the USA.

6.   Savvygarments

These are the custom design clothing vendors as well as the woven clothing manufacturers located in China. They have been supplying their custom products throughout the world and are second to none in their quality.

7.   Made-in-china custom clothing manufacturers

If you are looking for an apparel export company in China, then you can choose made-in-china custom design clothing vendors who can handle large-scale orders.

8.   DHgate custom design clothing vendors

Want to get the latest custom design products at affordable rates? DHgate custom design clothing manufacturers are specialized for this. They have a detailed refund policy and ensure buyer protection.

9.   MMS clothing manufacturers, China

It is a Chinese manufacturing company that is intended to increase brand recognition and ensures the satisfaction of potential clients.

10.Sewport China clothing manufacturers

These are the certified and well-reputed China custom design clothing manufacturers and have connections with local professional clothing and fashion designers. The word “sew” represents that they manufacture the clothes while the “port” word represents that they supply their clothing products internationally.

Final Verdict

Here is the list of the best 10 custom clothing vendors in the USA and China in 2021,now it is up to you to choose the one based on your personal choices and preferences.